Shuffletots understands that whilst children love to have fun they do need some routine and familiarity
so we tailor each session with a defined beginning, middle and end. Each session is 45 minutes long.

We use an introductory song followed by an interesting mix of musical activities in which the children,
parents and carers get to join in the interactive action songs and play with the variety of colourful instruments
provided including tambourines, drums, bells, rattles and shakers.

We use our puppets to enhance the children's enjoyment of Nursery Rhymes and storytelling.

We fuel the children's imaginations with the use of a play parachute, colourful props and costumes
to encourage creative play and participation.

We end the session with a gentle song or story so that when the children have exhausted
the endless limits to their imaginations and energy they can go home knowing that
they can do it all again at their next Shuffletots session.